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Gregor von Laszewski
School of Informatics and Computing
419 N. Indiana Ave
Bloomington IN 47408
Phone (cell): (585) 993 2922E-mail: laszewski@gmail.com
Web Page: http://gregor.cyberaide.org
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Publications  List of Papers and the bibtex: vonLaszewski.bib file. Please contact me if you have questions in regards to any of the publications.
Often I am asked where my name comes from. If you like to know more, please check out the information about the name Laszewski. However, please note that the information refers to the early use of the name. Apparently, its related to a teutonic knight. To see my own presumed family line, please see … more …


Gregor von Laszewski is an Assistant Director of CGL and DSC in the Pervasive Technology Institute and an Adjunct Associate Professor at Indiana University in the Computer Science department. He is currently conducting research in Cloud computing as part of the FutureGrid project in which he also serves as software architect. He held a position at Argonne National Laboratory from Nov. 1996 – Aug. 2009  where he was last a scientist and a fellow of the Computation Institute at University of Chicago. During the last two years of that appointment he was on sabbatical and held a position as Associate Professor and the Director of a Lab at Rochester Institute of Technology focussing on Cyberinfrastructure.  He decided to join Indiana University to continue his focus on Cyberinfrastructure. He was the architect of FutureGrid one of the first successful clouds in US academia. He received a Masters Degree in 1990 from the University of Bonn, Germany, and a Ph.D. in 1996 from Syracuse University in computer science. He was involved in Grid computing since the term was coined. Current research interests are in the areas of Cloud computing. He has been the lead of the Java Commodity Grid Kit (http://www.cogkit.org) which provides till today a basis for many Grid related projects including the Globus toolkit. His Web page is located at http://gregor.cyberaide.org. His current project includes Cloudmesh client (http://cloudmesh.github.io/client/) which is a toolkit to make cloud computing across various IaaS such as OpenStack, AWS and Azure possible.
To contact me please send mail to laszewski@gmail.com